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Answeing A Few Questions About Paving Your Driveway

A paved driveway can be an excellent way of providing easy access to your home. Unfortunately, your home may not have had a driveway when you purchased it. If this is the case, you may be uncertain about undertaking this type of home improvement project, but after learning the following few answers to common driveway paving questions, you will find yourself better able to make a sound choice about having this work done to your yard.

How Will A Driveway Impact Yard Erosion?

Erosion is a common problem that many homeowners will find themselves battling. If this applies to your yard, you may be hesitant about installing a driveway for fear of making the erosion worse. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that most properties will not experience a significant increase in erosion following the addition of a paved driveway. However, if your yard is one of the unfortunate few to be at risk of developing erosion issues, there are steps that your contractor can take to minimize these risks. For example, French drains, gutters and erosion control ground linings can be effective ways of preventing this issue from devastating your yard.

How Do You Care For Your New Driveway?

Once your driveway has been poured, it is important for you to allow it several weeks to fully cure. The curing process allows moisture that is deep within the asphalt to dry, and this step is essential to preventing deformities from occurring. The amount of time that will be needed by your driveway will vary based on the type of asphalt used and the depth of the pour, but your paving professional will be able to provide more clear guidelines.

After the curing process has completed, you will want to apply a protective sealant to the pavement. These sealants will help prevent water from entering the pavement. If water is allowed to seep into the pavement, it can cause serious damage, such as cracks and potholes, to develop.

What Should You Do If Cracks Or Potholes Develop?

If you find that your paved driveway has started to develop cracks, you should make sure to repair them as quickly as possible. This can be done by simply using an asphalt repair kit that can be purchased from most home improvement or construction supply stores.

Potholes can be a more serious issue as they may be an indication that the soil under the driveway has started to erode. As a result, you may want to have this problem inspected by a professional repair technician to determine whether the issue can simply be patched or if additional erosion control measures need to be taken.