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Asphalt Paving Planning: Temperature Loss Considerations When Paving In Winter

How effective compaction is during the asphalt paving process usually determines the durability of an asphalt pavement. Making sure that sure that successful compaction takes palace is therefore imperative if you want to avoid premature asphalt repair costs.

One of the things that affects compaction is the temperature of the hot mix asphalt. This is so mainly because the viscosity of the binding agent is dependent on temperature. And since compaction is usually poor when the hot mix asphalt is too viscous, being aware of the things that accelerate the loss of temperature is important when planning a paving project. Here are the things that can mess the compaction success of your pavement.

The distance from the source of the mix

The distance that the hot mix asphalt has to be moved in order to reach the construction site usually determined how much heat it loses. This is because during transportation, the asphalt is exposed to the environment. And since its temperature is higher than that of the environment, heat loss is bound occur.

Given the fact that distance plays a role when it comes to heat loss, it is advisable that you put this into consideration when choosing your supplier. Going with a local supplier may thus be a prudent choice.

Base temperature

The temperature of the base on which the hot mix asphalt is to be applied will also determine the success of the compaction process. This is so mainly because a cold base will absorb heat from the hot mix asphalt right until the temperature of the base and that of the asphalt mix are the same. This will have the effect of reducing the overall temperature of the hot mix asphalt, something that will then affect the effectiveness of the compaction process.

Under extreme weather, you should consider heating the base before asphalt application. This will help reduce the amount of heat that the base absorbs from the hot mix asphalt. It will go a long way towards ensuring that the hot mix asphalt retains its temperature. This will increase the chances of a successful compaction.

Wind speed

Windy conditions usually accelerate the rate at which the hot mix asphalt loses heat. This is mainly because wind speed accelerates the rate at which the mix gets in contact with cold air ā€“ the heated air is replaced faster with cold air when the wind's speed is higher.

Keeping in mind the effect that these factors will have on the temperature of your hot mix asphalt will help you not only determine the paving schedule, but also the mix delivery temperature to ask for. It will go a long way towards ensuring that you have a durable asphalt pavement.

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