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Fill Crevice's In An Asphalt Driveway's Surface And Apply Coats Of Sealer To Keep It Protected

If a hailstorm has created small crevices in portions of the asphalt driveway that is located on your residential property, patch the damaged areas by completing the instructions below. Once the driveway's appearance has been restored, add a coat or two of sealer to the driveway's surface to protect it from additional damage.


  • push broom with stiff bristles
  • handheld wire brush
  • sponge mop
  • bucket of soapy water
  • degreasing agent
  • water hose
  • bucket of cold asphalt patch
  • small shovel
  • putty knife
  • asphalt sealer
  • paint tray
  • paint roller
  • roller frame and handle

Remove Debris And Stains From The Asphalt

Use a push broom to remove any loose pieces of debris that are on the surface of the driveway. If there are small pieces of asphalt that are breaking off around or in the damaged portions of the driveway, use a wire brush to assist with removing them.

Make a cleaning solution by filling a bucket with water and adding some detergent to it. Dip a sponge mop into the soapy water and apply it to stains on the asphalt. Apply a small amount of a degreasing agent to any oily spots on the driveway's surface. Rinse the driveway with water and wait for it to dry once the asphalt is clean.

Fill Crevices And Apply A Couple Coats Of Sealer

Use a small shovel to fill crevices in the driveway's surface with cold asphalt patch. Use a putty knife to smooth out the fresh patch in each area that you repaired. The patch may need several hours to dry. The length of time depends upon the thickness of the patch that was applied. After the patch dries, fill a paint tray with sealer that is designed to be applied to asphalt.

Use a paint roller to apply a thin, even coat of the sealer to the driveway's surface in straight lines. Allow plenty of time for the sealer to dry. Apply a second coat over the first one once this occurs.

Continue To Keep The Asphalt Surface Maintained

The coats of sealer that you applied will assist with keeping the asphalt protected from damage associated with severe weather. Occasionally, clean the sealed asphalt with soapy water and a standard scrub brush and rinse it off with plain water in order to maintain its appearance. If the sealer begins to wear off the driveway's surface in the future, add a couple new coats of it in order to continue keeping the asphalt surface protected from damage.

For more information or assistance with your asphalt driveway, talk to a contractor in your area.