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What's The Deal With Your Driveway? ~ Replace Or Reseal ~ What To Observe

Replacing a driveway can be a costly home improvement for property owners. This is why many people want to know if sealing their driveways can "borrow" them some extra time. When used at the correct intervals, sealing can aid in improving the life expectancy of driveways. Unfortunately, some people decide to inquire about sealing after their driveways have serious damages. Sometimes driveways may appear to have minor damage to untrained eyes, but there are certain defects that a professional can point out to help them understand. The following are some key signs that may indicate a need for a replacement rather than a reseal for your driveway. 

Alligator Cracks 

These type of cracks are referred to this due to their appearance, which mimics the intricate skin of alligators. Most professionals would likely not advise you to try to reseal alligator cracks as a long-term solution. This is because the surface will eventually start to resemble a complex network of cracks that are filled with rubber. Rubber is an ideal crack filler for a few cracks, but alligator cracks are usually numerous. They are also a sign of weak areas in the paving, and the rubber filling is not usually a good match. This will be more evident in hot months when the weight from cars drive over the cracks. It is possible for the weight of vehicles to pull the material away due to the weak state of the affected driveway and the rubber becoming soft from the heat. 

Drainage Issues

Perhaps you have noticed that after a rainstorm, there is standing water around the foundation of your home or other areas. This is likely a drainage issue that could be caused by your damaged driveway. This can make the areas exposed to the water become weak over time. You may end up with a cracked foundation or water damage to other areas of your property such as doors. Drainage issues are often caused by the thaw and freeze cycles compromising paved surfaces. Even if your driveway appears to only have a few cracks, they may be deep enough to cause significant the drainage problems. Sealing deep cracks will not provide enough protection to correct drainage problems.

Extent of Previous Repairs

Do-it-yourself repairs such as sealing can cost property owners more money in the long run. This is because the products usually do not work as well as professional strength products. For example, an over-the-counter sealer may not provide adequate sealing, which means a professional may need to reseal the project, and their attempts to fix your "goof" could result in a protected driveway with aesthetic issues. You may also have an issue where repeated sealing has resulted in oversealing that is hiding serious underlying driveway damages.