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How To Handle Potholes When You're Driving

Potholes are the bane of a driver's existence, and there are always plenty of them, particularly in areas where the winters are harsh. Obviously, they need to be repaired by paving contractors, but until these repairs happen, you need to know how to deal with them on the road or even in your driveway.


When you can see a pothole ahead, it's sometimes possible to take evasive action. Other times, you simply can't go around one without swerving into the path of other vehicles. If you have to drive through a pothole, slow down before you enter it and then hold the wheel firmly to maintain control over your automobile. Do not brake after you are already over the pothole, however. You can actually hit the hole harder that way and do more damage. Be cautious whenever you are driving through water puddles. All too often, the water is hiding a pothole that can damage various parts of your car. Experts remind you to keep your tires properly inflated. When they contain the correct air pressure, they are less likely to be damaged by potholes. 


Once your car collides with a pothole, you need to examine your vehicle for damage. If you notice problems with steering or find any knots on your tires, you need to take your vehicle to your mechanic for a checkup. The humble pothole can bend your frame, shred your tires, and damage your wheels. In some instances, your brakes can even be affected. A big pothole can be a huge drain on your finances due to expensive repairs.


If the pothole is in your driveway, quit driving around it and have it fixed. A local contractor (such as Branche Industries) can quickly and efficiently fix it for less than your car damage will probably cost. If the pothole is in your city, call city hall. They can't fix it until they are aware of the problem, and complaints from the citizenry do carry weight. Finally, if you encounter a pothole on a state highway, look up the hotline number online. Most states make it easy to report road surface problems because they want to make travel safer.

Potholes happen, and if you plop into a big one, your vehicle will suffer. Learn to avoid potholes whenever possible. Also, have your car checked for damage after slamming into one. Don't ignore these driving dangers: report potholes whenever you encounter one. The other drivers will thank you.