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Avoid A Slip And Fall In The Winter With The Right Paving On Your Front Steps

When you live somewhere that gets cold enough for snow and ice, it's vital that you take the time to get your home prepped for the change of weather. Poor planning can often lead to an injury of some kind due to someone slipping when outside. One way to make your home much safer and greatly reduce the chance of a fall when stepping outside is picking the right kind of paving.

To make sure that the new paving makes the front of your home as safe as possible during the winter, consider the following tips.

Avoid Darker Colored Paving

One way that your chance of slipping and falling outside is increased is simply due to how dark the paving is. Many people make the mistake of having paving that's simply too dark colored. The problem with this is that the chance of falling goes up dramatically. When the paving is darker colored, it can be difficult to spot if there is any ice on the surface. Making sure to choose a lighter color of paving that will be easier to spot any ice on can ensure that you're able to get outside safely.

Opt for Grooves Instead of Smooth Paving

If you've ever walked on a sidewalk covered in snow or ice, you likely already know just how difficult it is to safely get around when you don't have traction on your shoes. While shoes with traction are definitely important to have, you also need to make sure that the paving itself has grooves. Paving with some extra grit or traction lines in it can help make a big difference in just how how easily you can stay stable when walking around.

Include Lights in the Paving

When it's darker outside, it can be much harder for you to see the paving and whether or not there is any ice you need to be aware of. After the sun goes down, it can be so helpful to have an additional source of lighting. One way to get the extra illumination that you want is with lighting that's been installed directly into the paving. Whether powered by electricity or solar, extra lighting can make a big difference in staying safe when walking around during the winter.

Taking your time making plans for new paving can help ensure that you're safe when stepping outside and won't be at a high risk of slipping and falling.