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The Benefits Of Seal Coating Your Asphalt Surface

After you have had an asphalt surface laid, the asphalt contractor may ask you if you want the surface sealed. Seal coating asphalt is an additional service that has many benefits associated with it. If you are unsure if it is worth the investment, learning the benefits can help you see its value. Continue reading to learn the benefits of seal coating your asphalt surface. 

Waterproofs the Surface

The most notable benefit of seal coating an asphalt surface is that it helps to waterproof the surface. Asphalt is a naturally porous material. If it is not sealed, water can seep in through the pores. This can cause the asphalt to crack, crumble or develop pot holes. Waterproofing the surface helps to minimize the cracks and potholes that develop due to water-related issues, which ultimately, helps to extend the life of your surface. 

Protects Against Sun Deterioration

Another benefit of seal coating an asphalt surface is that seal coating helps to reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays. The sun's rays can beat down on the surface and wear it down. This can lead to stress cracks, or what are referred to as alligator cracks. Sealing the surface helps to prevent the sun from wearing on your asphalt surface, which again, helps to extend its life. 

Helps Melt Snow and Ice Faster

One of the lesser known benefits of seal coating your asphalt surface is that seal coating helps snow and ice to melt faster. When your asphalt surface is not seal coated, cold water and ice can seep into the asphalt surface, essentially making the entire thing like a block of ice. Think about how quickly an ice chip melts compared to an ice cube. When you seal the asphalt, only a thin layer of ice can build up on the surface, rather than water seeping in and freezing the entire asphalt surface, creating an ice block that takes longer to thaw out. 

Keeps Your Surface Looking Newer Longer

The last benefit to seal coating an asphalt surface is that it helps to your surface looking newer for longer. Without seal coating, the asphalt surface will begin to fade and look gray and old quickly. If you want it to look deep black and new, seal coating helps you keep that look for longer. 

It is highly recommended that you have your asphalt surface sealed. It offers many benefits, including waterproof the surface, protecting against sun deterioration, helping ice and snow melt faster and keep your parking lot looking newer longer. While it may cost extra, for many people, the investment is well worth as it helps your asphalt surface last as long as possible.