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Paving The Driveway Of Your Home

Paving the driveway of your home will be a process that can improve the accessibility of your property while also making it easier to maintain. However, any type of residential paving work will need to be conducted in a thoughtful way so that the property can enjoy the most durable and noticeable benefits.

Is Concrete Always The Best Material To Use For A Driveway?

A common assumption about paving driveways will be that concrete is going to be the best material to use for it. While this is often the case, homeowners should be mindful of the potential that asphalt can provide. In addition to being cost-effective, asphalt pavement will also be more durable. This is especially true in areas that have large temperature swings as concrete can be more likely to crack as a result of temperature changes due to it being more rigid.

Will Paving Your Driveway Cause Damage To The Nearby Grass And Landscaping?

You may have spent a lot of time and energy on the landscaping for your property. While paving the driveway will require some landscaping work to be done, homeowners should avoid assuming that this will have widespread impacts. Generally, this will be limited to the area that is being paved as it may need to be excavated before the concrete or asphalt can be poured. A professional residential paving contractor will have the equipment needed to be able to excavate these potentially narrow areas with a high degree of precision.

Is It Necessary To Preserve The Color Of Asphalt Pavement?

Homeowners will often choose asphalt for their driveway due to the pleasing aesthetics of the dark asphalt. However, it can be possible for this color to fade over time due to being exposed to ultraviolet light. If you are wanting to delay this fading process, you can do this through the use of sealcoat that is able to block ultraviolet light. While this can effectively delay the fading process, it will eventually be a problem for any asphalt surface. If you are wanting to refresh the color of the asphalt, it is possible to do this through resurfacing. This will involve removing the outer layer of the asphalt so that a new layer can be poured. In addition to being used to restore the color of the asphalt, resurfacing can also be used to correct a range of damage to the asphalt, such as alligator cracks or other issues that cause widespread exterior damage.

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