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Tips For A Successful Asphalt Pavement

When you are planning to pave an area of your property with an asphalt surface, there are several important elements that you need to remember about the process to make sure you don't end up with a surface that will soon fail or show signs of foundation damage. Here are some tips to help you get and keep an asphalt pavement that looks great and provides durable surfaces for years.

Hire a Professional Contractor

When it comes time to install your asphalt pavement, it may seem obvious that when you hire a quality service, you are going to get a great product for your asphalt surface. However, when you are faced with paying for a full asphalt surface, you might be tempted to cut costs along the way and try to get a deep discount on its installation. 

If you hire someone who is selling hot mix asphalt that they have remaining from a previous project, this is a sign that the asphalt will not be the durable and long-lasting surface that you need. Don't ever hire an asphalt crew that you didn't seek out because you may not be getting the quality that you need. 

Look into local asphalt professionals and arrange for the installation of your pavement with a fresh processed hot mix asphalt that was combined just for your home project. This will ensure your asphalt will get the proper surface, especially when the asphalt crew first installs a solid foundation of gravel or compacted and well-draining soil for the asphalt mix layer.

Follow Up With Regular Maintenance

After your asphalt pavement is installed, it should look great for several years providing you with a solid and smooth surface. However, the sun and weather will begin to dry out and oxidize the surface, leaving it faded, cracking, and possibly sinking in spots. Be sure that you arrange for repairs that will address each type of damage properly so the repairs last as needed. 

For example, for sunken spots in your asphalt, you may be dealing with a foundation erosion problem, which will require your asphalt crew to remove the asphalt and repair the base layers. Merely patching over the surface of the asphalt to fill in the sunken spot will not repair the foundation problem and it will continue to occur and cause damage. And any cracks that are filled should be cleaned out of debris, dirt, and vegetation before the new repair filler is applied into the crack. 

Reach out to a local asphalt paving service to learn more.